Trusted medical waste solutions to help you
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Safe, & compliant medical waste
solutions for your Pharmacy

Safe, & compliant medical waste
solutions for your Pharmacy

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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

The highest standards in biomedical waste solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Safety is our top priority when working with healthcare facilities, laboratories and medical clinics across the US. At Sanpro, we value the customer-centric approach and this allows us to help you find solutions that cut costs while delivering professional  sharps, pharmaceutical and biomedical waste services.

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We Service Thousands of Pharmacies Across the United States.

Sanpro has been providing customized medical waste solutions and management services in the United States for over 25+ years. Our knowledge and industry experience has helped us serve thousands of happy customers. We provide solutions that range from biomedical pick-up to OSHA compliance training. Our team prides itself on becoming your perfect partner. We will tailor solutions cut expensive costs and maximize efficiency.

Our process involves a thorough and detailed assessment of your facilities wants and needs to ensure safety & reliability.. Over the last 25 years, we have collected over 85,000 pounds of medical waste while helping customers reduce their bills by an average 35% across 45 states. Additionally, Sanpro offers comprehensive education plans and compliance training to ensure your staff is protected and your facility’s risk exposure is minimized. 

The most secure and ecologically friendly medical waste disposal system


We safeguard both workers and patients when managing and disposing of sharps waste, and we are considered as one of the world's safest sharps containment organizations.

Immediate Savings

We help reduce expenses significantly through tailored scheduling and bigger container options for volume efficiency. Our goal is to reduce your overall costs by a minimum of 30%.

Secure Containers

Safety is our number one priority. We supply secure and efficient pick-up containers. Our experienced staff will handle containers to prevent spills and unwanted access.

Eco Friendly

To contribute to a reduction in overall waste, we provide reusable containers to minimize the amount of plastic and cardboard that ends up in our landfills.

Timely Pick Ups

Save time and labour by choosing Sanpro medical waste disposal. We offer a wide range of accessories and services to ensure safer handling at point of care.

Complete Compliance

Avoid the risk of OSHA fines by working with a qualified medical waste disposal partner like Sanpro. It’s why we work so hard to create easy to use, easy to understand services and training programs.

Pharmacies trust our regulated & compliant medical waste solutions

Sanpro is a licensed national business-to-business services company. We specialize in medical waste management, treatment and disposal of biomedical waste. Sanpro collects, transports and destroys medical waste, sharps, pathological and pharmaceutical waste across the United States. Our continued focus and commitment to regulatory compliance ensures we follow all state and federal regulations that pertain to the management of medical waste.

As one of the leading national providers of medical waste disposal services, we focus on protecting people and maintaining all safety requirements for the environment from the risks associated with biohazard waste collection. We understand the increasing need and focus on reducing the overall impact of medical waste in the environment. Our team stays up to date on all policies and regulations around the environmental impact to ensure continued sustainability across all solutions.

At Sanpro, we look to develop partnerships that last a lifetime. Our customer focused ethos is what we pride ourselves on and through this approach we maintain a high level of satisfaction for all customers we serve. Our systems oriented approach prioritizes safety, a reduction of sharps injuries and a team of experts dedicated to innovative solutions. You can be certain that you have chosen an experienced medical waste disposal company with up-to-date knowledge, flexible scheduling, and regulatory waste competence that you can rely on.


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