Sanpro's biomedical waste solutions are designed to protect staff, increase cost efficiency, reduce infection control and protect the environment.

Sanpro's biomedical waste solutions are designed to protect staff reduce infection control, and maximize your bottom line.

Trusted Biomedical waste solutions
built from the ground up to deliver
unprecedented efficiency and safety

Trusted Biomedical waste
solutions built from the
ground up with safety
at the core of what we do.

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Biohazard Waste Disposal

The Highest Standards in Biomedical Waste Solutions & Management  

Our customer-centric approach allows us to find solutions to save you money while delivering professional  sharps, pharmaceutical and biomedical waste services. We are one of the leading waste management companies in the United States for all types of medical waste, industrial waste and other hazardous waste.

What is Biohazard Waste?

There are several categories of biomedical waste that could be generated in the normal course of business. Each type needs to be stored, handled and disposed of properly to comply with all regulations and to keep your workers, visitors and patients safe. 

Given the potential infectious nature of medical waste, stringent regulations govern its collection, transport and disposal. Biomedical waste (also known as yellow bag waste, biohazardous waste, medical or infectious waste) is, according to US law, the responsibility of the generator from point of disposal, right through to final treatment. With over 30 years experience in healthcare, Sanpro has the solutions, licensing and compliance expertise to protect the safety risk exposure and regulatory responsibilities of healthcare facilities in the total management of all medical waste. 

The most secure and ecologically friendly medical waste disposal system


We safeguard both workers and patients when managing and disposing of sharps waste, and we are considered as one of the world's safest sharps containment organizations.

Immediate Savings

We help reduce expenses significantly through tailored scheduling and bigger container options for volume efficiency. Our goal is to reduce your overall costs by a minimum of 30%.

Secure Containers

Safety is our number one priority. We supply secure and efficient pick-up containers. Our experienced staff will handle containers to prevent spills and unwanted access.

Eco Friendly

To contribute to a reduction in overall waste, we provide reusable containers to minimize the amount of plastic and cardboard that ends up in our landfills.

Timely Pick Ups

Save time and labour by choosing Sanpro medical waste disposal. We offer a wide range of accessories and services to ensure safer handling at point of care.

Complete Compliance

Avoid the risk of OSHA fines by working with a qualified medical waste disposal partner like Sanpro. It’s why we work so hard to create easy to use, easy to understand services and training programs.

Make the switch today for the best in medical waste disposal services!

We help customers save an average of up to 30% off their current medical waste disposal services and OSHA compliance rates.

Our solutions are 99% on-time with no delays to your medical waste management service with full 24/7 access to a dedicated customer representative.



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From Biomedical Waste Solutions To OSHA Compliance, You Can Count On Sanpro

We provide reliable and simple service solutions for Medical Waste Management. 

Sanpro Medical Waste provides services to meet your needs.

Our services range from biomedical pick-ups to OSHA compliance training for all industries we work with. Our goal is to help you save money and maximize efficiency across your company while adhering to stringent safety protocols. 

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Experience 100%
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