Medical Waste Disposal North Carolina

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Sanpro provides great rates for medical waste disposal throughout North Carolina. Flexible pickup options, container options and upfront pricing means better service while making your dollar go further.

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More than waste management, Sanpro can also assist with documentation, OSHA training and many more services.

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Medical Waste Disposal North Carolina

Legislators in North Carolina work hard to ensure that state’s natural beauty is preserved, and this commitment is evident in the complex and lengthy regulations regarding medical waste disposal. Multiple rules and even interpretations of which category specific biohazardous products fall into make it difficult to keep up with compliance for many in the state.

As a medical provider, funeral home owner or nursing home director, it falls to you to be fully aware of and compliant with a long list of regulations. At Sanpro, we came to North Carolina to make your job easy. Our skilled team of trained professionals is fully insured and registered in the state and ready to help you with this sometimes overwhelming task.


North Carolina Protects Residents with Specific Rules for Medical Waste Disposal

We offer comprehensive, all in one solutions that are fully scalable, so you can use just what you need now, but easily grow in the future. When you work with Sanpro you get not only our innovative containers and systems for collection, you get a trained professional medical waste technician who visits you regularly to remove, transport and dispose of the waste, worry free.

Our innovative approach to employee awareness and training ensures that everyone on your team stays safe and compliant and that you are free to do what you do best – focus on your patients and practice. With Sanpro, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is fully compliant, even in a state with a lot of interpretative clauses and rules.


Handling Medical Waste for the Nursing Home Industry in North Carolina

Our service begins with innovative containers with intuitive, easy to use design features and built in safety protocols. Your office will be visited regularly by one of our dedicated waste removal technicians who will remove, transport and dispose of your medical waste in compliance with all GECAP’s regulations. Our comprehensive training programs ensure your onsite staff knows how to handle waste and is designed to improve patient and provider safety, too.


Get the Help with Medical Waste Compliance in North Carolina

Are you sure you are fully compliant with all NC medical waste regulations? If not, or if you’re not sure, you could be facing fines, fees and even sanctions, thanks to the latest regulations in the state.

Our goal is to eliminate the worry you have about dealing with funeral home or veterinary industry waste and to give you peace of mind about the process. Contact Sanpro today to see how easy it is to hand over this stressful task to a professional and to get back to focusing on growing your own thriving practice.

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North Carolina Medical Waste Government Offices

Sanpro works with the following government agenciesto ensure compliance for you throughout the State of North Carolina.

North Carolina OSHA Office
4407 Bland Road, Somerset Park Suite 210
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609
Tel. (919) 790-8096
North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services
5605 Six Forks Rd
Raleigh, NC 27609
Tel. (919) 707-5000
Department of Environmental Quality
217 W Jones St
Raleigh, NC 27603
Tel. (919) 791-4200
Medical Waste Disposal North Carolina

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