What Happens During the Medical Waste Disposal Process

The State of New Jersey has become increasingly aggressive about creating medical waste regulations and enforcing them. Protecting the people of New Jersey and the environment are priorities for the state, leading to an increase in scrutiny for those businesses and facilities that produce medical waste. Learning more about what happens to your waste products and..

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Medical Waste Violations

Common Medical Waste Violations

The world of medical waste disposal is not one that most people have much insight into. Maybe you’ve seen a medical waste disposal team on one of your favourite crime dramas on tv, or perhaps you’ve seen a medical waste disposal unit driving around the streets but you’ve never known how or what exactly goes..

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Medical Waste Disposal

In the past, medical waste was disposed of in a method that was very similar to recycling. Any item that was deemed medical waste was disposed of in a separate plastic bag or box in a hospital or clinic. Unlike recycling however, where items are sorted and processed separately according to the type of material..

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Nursing Homes Waste Disposal

If you run a nursing home, you know how difficult it is to properly dispose of waste. The money you spend on senior home medical waste disposal can be especially costly if your nursing home is smaller. Here are a few tips you can try if you want to save money on waste disposal without..

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Surgery Centers Waste Disposal

Medical waste removal can be a nightmare, especially if you run a surgery. For smaller surgery centers, it can be even worse, as medical waste disposal can be costly. The cost of waste disposal can even make or break smaller businesses. Thankfully, there are ways you can cut back on waste without damaging the quality..

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Dental Waste Disposal

Dental Waste Disposal Whether you’re have a new dentist office or have been practicing for years, you need to keep budget in mind. For those who are looking to keep the quality of their equipment high while cutting back other costs, saving on medical waste disposal services is one of the best ways to do..

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