Medical waste removal can be a nightmare, especially if you run a surgery. For smaller surgery centers, it can be even worse, as medical waste disposal can be costly. The cost of waste disposal can even make or break smaller businesses.

Thankfully, there are ways you can cut back on waste without damaging the quality of your business. Here’s how.

Separate Your Waste

Did you know most waste from operating rooms are considered clean and recyclable? Yes, more waste is consumed before the surgery than after. Drapes, gowns, sponges, plastic packaging, all of this can be recycled and doesn’t have to be where the hazardous waste is.

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So what do you do? Simply reinvent your waste disposal plan to include separating clean from dirty. Put your waste in medical waste boxes, and put anything recyclable in a bin. You’ll be shocked at the savings!


Reinvent Your Cleaning

If you’re cleaning your facility with disposable mop heads, that’s wasting a lot! Instead, you should be looking at reusable mops to clean your floors. While you’re at it, look at your cleaning solution. If you’re not putting your solution in refillable, 50-gallon barrels, try doing that. This will allow you to save on cleaning disposal.

Look for Ways to Send Your Sharps

If your business isn’t using that many sharps, you may be qualified to send your used sharps to the facility directly. Just contact your waste disposal and see if you qualify. You’ll be surprised at how much you save if you decide to do this. Just remember that bigger businesses may need a more traditional way of disposing of their sharps.

Go Paperless!

Perhaps the biggest cause of waste in a surgery centre has to be paper. Paper is a pain to dispose of, and in an age where everything is becoming paperless, you can save so much if you make the switch. Wherever possible, switch to digital or other paperless alternatives. Replace the sign-in sheet with something digital. Email your patients instead of sending them mail. Look for any replacement you can afford, and you’ll be saving in the long run.

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