If you run a nursing home, you know how difficult it is to properly dispose of waste. The money you spend on senior home medical waste disposal can be especially costly if your nursing home is smaller. Here are a few tips you can try if you want to save money on waste disposal without sacrificing the quality.


Most of your waste will be clean and ready to recycle. The next time you’re thinking about renovating your waste disposal plan, try separating your recyclables from your non. Recycle paper, clean plastic bags, empty food boxes, and whatever else you can find. Separately package waste that needs a proper disposal facility. Use washable forks, knives, and plates. Have your staff recycle.


Change Your Cleaning Plan

Nursing homes can get dirty, so instead of buying cleaning fluid individually, buy in bulk. Bulk tends to save you more money in the long run. While you’re at it, replace any disposable mops with reusable mopheads.

Organize Your Waste

When it comes to your dirty waste, you should store everything individually to make the process much easier. For example, your sharps can be put in metal containers. This will allow you to keep the sharps secure and ready to dispose. Buying medical waste boxes is easy as well. Just make sure to use duct tape whenever you’re sealing away any medical waste boxes. Keep all waste in a separate room away from any visitors, and have it accessible to staff only.

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Go Paperless!

One of the biggest wastes in any medical facility is paper. Thankfully, there are so many paperless options you can purchase, and most of them will be user-friendly enough for your residents. Replace sign-in sheets with tablets. Have any medical papers ready for e-signing. Look at what paper you use, and see if you have the budget to replace it with something digital. It may cost you, but the amount of waste you’ll be saving pays for itself.

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