When you choose a medical waste disposal service for your facility or practice, you get more than just handy storage containers; you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are fully compliant with all Federal, Illinois and local requirements, too.

4 Benefits of Choosing a Professional Medical Waste Company Illinois

You’re Fully Covered

You may be creating medical waste and not even realizing it. When you use a medical waste company, they can fully assess your needs and help you identify which of your waste materials require special handling. If you run a prison, school, funeral home or nursing facility, you may simply not be aware of the waste you are creating. Lack of awareness is not a legal excuse though; as a business operating in Illinois, you are still required to comply with all medical waste laws in the state.

You Mitigate Risk

If someone is injured or exposed to medical waste at your facility, you could be held responsible; a single lawsuit could ruin your business and stop your organization in its tracks. Using a medical waste company that is based in Illinois and understands the complex PIMW laws in the state allows you to mitigate risk and ensures you are not risking a costly lawsuit from an employee or patient.

Non-Compliance is Expensive

If you fail to comply with the regulations set forth by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency or any local medical waste rules, it can cost you in more ways than one. Increasing concerns about the environment and protecting the people of Illinois is driving investigators and agencies to act more aggressively than ever before. You could face:

  • Fines, Fees or Sanctions: Violating PIMW laws exposes your business to a variety of penalties and actions
  • Bad publicity: An organization sanctioned by the EPA is a newsworthy event and does not reflect well on your brand or public image
  • Increased litigatin risk: Compliance helps keep your team and the people you care for safe; lack of compliance could lead to costly lawsuits.

Unsurpassed Convenience

You don’t have to tackle the complex process of training employees, sorting and storing waste and transporting and disposing on your own. When you work with a medical waste company, all those details are covered, so you can be sure you are in full compliance without having to do any extra work or worry about missing any key elements.

From the convenience of using a single provider for all your medical waste needs to the reduced risk of lawsuits, fines or sanctions, working with a medical waste company is a must for any practice, facility or business that generates hazardous waste. At Sanpro, we are committed to offering comprehensive, scalable and affordable solutions that allow you to stop worrying about compliance and start focusing your energies where they belong – on your business.