A recent study of the water supply in over 20 metropolitan areas around the country revealed that the water in these areas contained trace amounts of chemical drugs. When you hear this news, you might ask yourself how this can actually happen. The truth is that most cities’ water filtration systems are not equipped to filter out the dissolved traces of chemicals found in drugs from our drinking water, meaning when people choose to dispose of their old or unwanted pharmaceutical drugs by flushing them down the toilet, the same drugs are more than likely going to end up right back into our drinking water. This is why it’s imperative for the proper disposal of medical waste. 

How Do We Ensure Proper Disposal of Medical Waste?


In order to prevent this from becoming a major issue in the future, the EPA has come up with a new set of guidelines that are designed to help individuals and healthcare workers alike dispose of pharmaceutical drugs properly. In addition to the safe disposal of pharmaceutical waste, there are also guidelines on how to properly get rid of any additional hazardous medical waste. The proper disposal of these substances and materials can make a significant difference when it comes to creating a clean and safe environment for everyone.

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By preventing healthcare facilities from disposing of their pharmaceutical waste in the toilet or down the drain where it can eventually get into a city’s clean water supply, the EPA estimates that over 6400 tons of hazardous waste can be directed away from people’s drinking water. In addition, new rules that outline the proper disposal of other hazardous medical waste will make it easier for healthcare facilities to keep their patients and employees safe from harm or infection. More comprehensive labelling of hazardous waste along with emergency plans that are put in place in the event of an exposure to hazardous medical waste will go a long way towards keeping everyone safe and healthy.

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