Each facility produces its own unique blend of medical and hazardous waste; if you have a Los Angeles based medical practice, dental office or even a funeral home, you likely produce several categories of waste. The World Health Organization separates waste into eight distinct categories; each category requires special handling and disposal techniques. The categories of waste are detailed below – and your facility could produce any or all of them at any given time.

8 Categories of Medical Waste

  • Sharps: The most common and easy to identify medical waste, sharps include anything that can puncture the skin; needles, scalpels, blades, lancets and more fall into this category.
  • Infectious Waste: Any waste that could potentially transmit bacteria, parasites or infection, including cultures, swabs, tissues, equipment and more.
  • Pathological Waste: Blood, urine and other bodily fluids, organs and body parts.
  • Radioactive Waste: Items used in lab research or therapy that are contaminated, including liquids, products, tubing and glassware.
  • Chemical Waste: Lab reagents, contaminated items, film developer, cleaners and disinfectant
  • Pharmaceutical Waste: Medication that is expired or contaminated
  • Containers under pressure: Gas cartridges and cylinders
  • General waste: Harmless waste that contains no blood or bodily fluid, including paper, kitchen waste and other miscellaneous trash. This does not require special handling.

For all but general waste, these categories require specific storing and handling to keep your team, patients and visitor’s safe. Medical waste is first sorted by your team, so training is essential; even your non-medical staff should know how to identify and safely store each of the items on the list above.

Help with All Types of Medical Waste for Los Angeles Businesses

At Sanpro, we understand simply identifying the different types of waste generated by a medical facility can be a challenge, particularly by your unskilled workforce. By providing comprehensive training, we make it easy for you to keep everyone on your team and in your facility safe. Our easy to access and use online library ensures that your team always knows what to do.

Secure, Appropriate Storage

Once waste is identified, a Sanpro medical waste company customer simply has to place the item in the appropriate secure container – then their job is done. We make it easy for your team to collect medical waste in EPA and industry approved secure containers. Once collected, the waste will not need to be handled by your team again and no one will be exposed to it at your site.

Fast and Easy Medical Waste Collection

Once waste is categorized and collected, it needs to be disposed of properly; as an LA dentist or medical provider, you’ll need to comply with disposal guidelines laid out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Health and Safety Code.

At Sanpro, we make this process as easy as possible; we are already aware of and up to date on all regulatory and compliance issues and ensure that your waste is transported and disposed of properly, no matter which category it falls under.

Get the Help You Need with Medical Waste Disposal in California

Complex laws make it challenging to deal with medical waste in California – but you don’t have to do it alone. Sanpro takes the difficulty out of coping with the waste your facility creates and ensures you always stay compliant. Contact us to learn about our comprehensive, scalable services and to find out a medical waste company Los Angeles can make compliance easy.