It’s tempting to think that the only facilities that truly have a problem or risk being fined for medical waste compliance issues are those that willfully disregard Federal and State regulations, leaving piles of syringes in the woods behind the facility or throwing sharps out in the regular trash. The truth is, though, most medical waste disposal violations are far more innocuous and easy to miss. Non-compliance with even part of the medical waste disposal laws outlined by the EPA and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency can result in shockingly high fines. You may not realize you are not in compliance until it is too late. A medical waste company Chicago can help.

Fines for Medical Waste Violations

Fines for medical waste violations are determined following the EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act; those fines can be $20,000, $30,000 or more per day and add up quickly. A single use of the wrong container or a labeling issue could result in costly fines for your brand.

Not being aware of the requirements is not an acceptable excuse; even those who innocently mishandle or mislabel waste could be subject to harsh penalties and fines. It is important to realize just how many potential violations there are; the best way to ensure compliance is to work with a medical waste company located in Illinois. A local presence ensures that not only Federal, but state and local laws are fully complied with; it also takes the worry out of the process, since all steps are handled by the professional provider.

Common Medical Waste Violations that Result in Big Fines

Whether your employees are not sure where medical waste should go, or you accidentally transport your waste incorrectly, it could cost you. Some of the most costly, common and easy to make medical waste errors include:

  • Incorrectly sorting waste
  • Not using sharps containers
  • Incorrect labeling of waste
  • Handling or transporting containers the wrong way
  • Transporting improperly
  • Transporting too much medical waste at a time
  • Transporting without a permit
  • Failing to properly dispose of expired medication
  • Dispensing chemical waste down a drain or into the sewer

Avoid Medical Waste Fines in Illinois

The best way to fully comply with the complex and ever-changing lineup of medical waste and RCRA rules is to work with a company specializing in disposal. From proper employee training to the right containers for the job, you’ll instantly have everything you need to become compliant and stay that way. Once your service is set up, a professional technician will make regular visits, transporting your waste and disposing of it in full compliance with all regulations.

You can’t afford to make even seemingly minor errors any longer; agencies and investigators are becoming more intensely interested in even small practices and businesses, from dental offices to veterinary clinics and even schools or training facilities. Sanpro can help you get fully compliant and ensure you stay that way, so you never have to face the high cost and inconvenience of a regulatory fine.